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Farms for Sale/Lease/Share

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CSA Opportunity - Biodynamic Farm - Washington, DC

Looking for Couple to Take Over My Biodynamic CSA!

We are located on 46 leased acres  outside of Washington, DC.

Biodynamic farming in Chile: Partners, Co-workers, all crops

I have the idea to relocate to Chile and look for land to be developed using biodynamic methods. A small 20 - 50 acre farm with possibilities to expand. I am looking for people who are willing to learn Spanish and educate possible workers and interested wider community members in Biodynamic methods. I would expect to grow a variety of crops for the market as well as extensive gardening for personal use.

Land Partner Wanted- Kingston, AR

Is your heart alive to beauty? Do you passionately yearn to live in a really beautiful quiet bucolic place? Are you a mature but physically vigorous man or exceptionally strong and skilled woman age 45-62, who relishes outdoor life?

Are you keenly interested in gardening? Would you be happy to be part of the solution, in terms of land mangagement/climate change issues-- engaged in a program that seeks to maintain a luxurious vegetative mantle and avoid compaction, bare soil, erosion?

Looking to rent a few farmable acres in RI,PA, NC, CA, OR, WA


My name is Hendall Loeffler and I"ve been looking for a smallish 1-2 acre piece of land to rent in Rhode Island. Unfortunately the state is pretty small and land access is a little difficult.

Basically I would entertain the idea of farming most places but feel especially drawn to RI, PA, NC, CA, OR, WA, and am also interested in being near Detroit or New Orleans.

Vermont biodynamic farm for sale

Take Joy Farm is a 20 acre farm with large impeccably maintained 1840s farmhouse and extensive barns/stalls situated in an ideal agricultural setting in rural Vermont near Lake Champlain. The property has been long standing organic and for the last 9 years intensively biodynamic. Perfect for grazing and vegetable farming. Located in the historic town of Benson which experiences some of the mildest climate in Vermont.

Contact - Krystyna at 802.558.7784 or

Tropical Fruit Farm Sharing Opportunity - San Diego, CA

I am a Co-Director of a full member Waldorf teacher education institute in San Diego.  We are an extension of the WISC program under the Brousseaus and have been functioning for 10 years. 

Biodynamic Farmer Sought for Sublet - Lakeside School, Essex, NY

Biodynamic Farmer Sought

Lakeside School, located on the 200-year old Black Kettle Farm in Essex, NY, is seeking to sub-let farmland to a farmer dedicated to biodynamic farming practices and interested in establishing an affiliation with the school as farm educator. Modest cottage housing is included on the farm. 

A trial period of mutually decided length is suggested for both the applicant and Lakeside School prior to crafting a long-term agreement. 

Biodynamic Farm Employment/Lease Opportunity - Lopez Island, WA

Help Needed on Biodynamic Farm


Located on a small, beautiful island in the San Juan Archipelago in the Pacific Northwest,


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