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International agricultural volunteer opportunity through Winrock International

Interested in agriculture and volunteering abroad? The Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program provides voluntary technical assistance to farmers, agribusinesses, and public and private education and education providers in developing countries to promote sustainable improvements in the agricultural sector. Winrock volunteers share their experience and expertise and improve lives through short-term assignments.



Kickstarter Campaign - GeerCrest Farm Life Experience

Food education for the next generation.

Farm Life Experience

GeerCrest Farm holds a place in this world for an experience which is vanishing; it holds an unspoken reverence and appreciation for nature and life, and it allows the developing child to connect with that in a very deep and personal way.”

-Nina Churchill Portland Waldorf School Teacher


Best Seed Planting Times for March - Suggestions from Lloyd Nelson

Here is a list of best dates to plant seeds in March, based on Maria Thuns calendar.


Associative contract with JPI - March 31 deadline

Associative Contract


Dynamic accumulators

Hi everyone,

I am behind the curve on growing my own dynamic accumulators like comfrey, dandelion, horsetail, nettle and yarrow, etc, so I am having to source these as dried plants. My question is, should I get these cut and sifted or powdered? Is there a discernible difference? I intend to mix in to the soil, so i'm thinking that powdered would be most effective. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks!


BD calendars

Many years ago, I used the Stella Natura calendar. It was not available locally so I got the Maria Thun BD Calendar by Matthias Thun. While it has some interesting articles, I wonder whether Stella Natura still looks more like a monthly calendar and whether practitioners have any preference. Thanks for any feedback.


Seeking Farmers for Practicing My Gift

I feel a soul calling to work with farmers in my healing. My natural gift is "to reconnect the tree that's become or is becoming disconnected from the forest, and restore it to its natural cycles and energy." This can be done at a distance. No charge, but BD vegetable donations accepted.

2014 Pioneers in Ecological Medicine Training

This coming February 7-8, 2014, EcoVision Sustainable Learning Center (in cooperation with, Growing Power, Inner Ecology, and High Falls Foundation) will host the second annual Pioneers in Ecological Medicine Training in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood. Find course details at the following website:


New Funding Opportunity for Small Farmers from FruitGuys Community Fund

A new funding opportunity for small farmers, from the FruitGuys Community Fund


Biodynamic Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica July 2014

Wellness in Balance Retreat

A Biodynamic Farming, Yoga, Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica
Contact us at

July 16- July 22, 2014

Led by Costa Rican resident and Biodynamic Educator, Sara Hartley, and Community Herbalist, Gardener, and Yoga Teacher, Helen Leavitt.



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