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Fund-a-Farmer Grants for Livestock and Poultry Farmers - Call for Applications

We are pleased to announce that FACT is now accepting applications from livestock and poultry farmers for our Fund-a-Farmer grants!  As many of you already know, our Fund-a-Farmer Project provides grants to qualifying humane farmers w


new to farming

hello, so i am new to farming, not to biodynamics, and about to acquire first farm. had a few questions on the sequence of events to start building good soil in pasture area before acquiring couple of cows. not sure of what equipment i will need to either buy or rent. i'm assuming i will need a ripper of some sort and a disk harrow in order to plant cover crops in rotation with pasture crops. was hoping to find a little advice here on the forum. is this a correct assumption that i will have to rip through existing grass then harrow to plant cover crop with some kind of seeder?


Funding Opportunity: Illinois Sustainable Agriculture Grant Program

The Illinois Department of Agriculture is seeking proposals to carry out research, education, and on-farm demonstration projects. Any qualified unit of government, organization, educational institution, non-profit group, or individual is eligible. Competitive grants to individuals can be up to $10,000 and units of government, non-profit groups, institutions, or organizations may apply for up to $20,000.

Applications must be received by October 15, 2015.


Call for Papers: “The Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture”

Harvard Divinity School is pleased to announce this call for papers for a conference on the “The Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture,” to be held at March 31-April 1, 2016, at Harvard.  It has been almost ninety years since Rudolf Steiner offered his Agriculture Course, seventy-five since Sir Albert Howard published An Agricultural Testament, and almost forty since Wendell Berry published The Unsettling of America.


Yale Food Systems Symposium - Request for Proposals - due May 31

Third Annual Yale Food Systems Symposium
New Alliances That Shape a Food Movement
Yale University, October 30 - 31, 2015

Request for Proposals


Wonderful Opportunity for Farm Vacation Holiday in Maui, HI

Farm Vacation Holiday

Come experience Maui and all it has to offer.

Spend a month on Patrick’s Haiku Biodynamic Farm.

Stay in a lovely studio apartment. ($50 a night. 7 day minimum. Longer stay specials.)

Call 808-572-1766 or write

Limited time offer.


Value-Added Producer Grant Funding - Application Deadline July 7

Whether enabling dairy farmers to expand their line of product offerings or helping farm families start businesses for unique products or providing capital for the creation of farm-identity preserved regional supply chains, the Value-Added Producer Grant (VAPG) program has been helping thousands of farmers around the country expand their customer base and income by creating new or developing existing value-added businesses.


Volunteers sought for NOWEFOR in Bamenda-Cameroon

The North West Farmers' Organisation (NOWEFOR) in Bamenda-Cameroon, wish to appreciate the concept of biodynamics which we received through Pastor Victor Kubia during his visit to Cameroon.  We were privileged to view a presentation on composting.


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