“Vitality and Quality as Seen Through Picture Forming Methods: Bridging the Polarity of the Analytical and the Imaginative in the Evaluation of Food, Soil, and Water.”

Farmers, wine growers, prep makers, food quality researchers, artists! This meeting, co-sponsored by the Biodynamic Association, is open to everyone.

Special guests include Dr. Maria Olga Kokornaczyk, who has been working with Demeter in Italy assessing qualities of food with the Droplet Evaporation Method.The Picture Forming Methods are well known in Europe and are used in biodynamic circles for Demeter certification of food quality and in anthroposophical medical institutes for assessment of medicaments. For over fifteen years an association of practitioners has met annually in Europe, furthering the methodology and establishing EU Standards according to ISO norms for such practical applications as distinguishing organic and conventional products. It is hoped that this conference will also galvanize people working with the Picture Forming Methods here in North America.

For more information: http://www.naturalsciencesection.org/2015-nss-conference-in-chicago/

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