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Becoming a NABDAP Apprentice

North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program > Becoming an Apprentice

"I am motivated to enroll in the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program because I want to be a farmer. I have been living and working on one of the program's mentor farms for over a year and have become acquainted with the challenges and joys of farm life. I wanted to be more intentional about my farm education and decided to enroll in the program."

- Ruth, NABDAP graduate

Animal Husbandry at Rafael GardenIf you would like to participate as an apprentice in the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program:

  1. Let us know you're interested. Please fill out our NABDAP Inquiry Form to tell us who you are and what you're interested in, and ask any questions you have about the program (please look at our frequently asked questions first).
  2. Check out our participating mentor farms. Each mentor farm has a profile which includes a photo and description of the farm, details of the apprenticeship positions offered, and contact information for the farmers. You can also download each farm’s Template Skills Checklists to see what you might expect to learn at that farm.
  3. For the farms that interest you, contact the farmers about current openings for apprentices, either by email or by phone. Usually a farmer would like to see your resume and a letter of motivation, and will want to schedule an interview if they think you will be a good fit for the farm. When possible, it’s a good idea to arrange a visit to the farm before making a commitment for the season.
  4. Once you’ve been accepted as an apprentice at a participating mentor farm, you will need to fill out the Skills Checklists with your mentor farmer, agreeing together about which of the skills you will be learning during your time at the farm.
  5. Now you are ready to officially enroll in the program! You can apply online or request a paper application by calling 262-649-9212 ext 5.

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