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Greenbank Farm Ag Training Center

North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program > Participating Mentor Farms

greenbank farm The Greenbank Farm Ag Training Center is unique in that it is an educational facility with the express purpose of training new farmers in organic farming and direct-marketing practices. It is located on publicly-owned land (owned by the Port of Coupeville) and operated by the non-profit Greenbank Farm Management Group (GFMG). The Ag Training Center is a program of the GFMG. The character of the Ag Training Center is best described as small, intimate, community-focused, intensive and powerful. We are defined by our public location, our farm customers, our educational partners, our community of Island farmers, and our staff. Each March, 8 -10 students come to live, learn and work together to become knowledgeable beginning farmers who build the fertility, diversity and community of the Greenbank Farm under the guidance of Sebastian Aguilar. Please see the Greenbank Farm Ag Training Center website for more information about the training program. We practice biodynamics on a limited scale. Sebastian has been influenced by and engaged in biodynamics and anthroposophy for the past 12 years.

Currently, the biodynamics engaged in at the Greenbank Farm includes: • A 2-hour intro to Anthroposophy • A 2-hour intro to Biodynamics • Planning exercises using the Stella Natura calendar to create a planting plan • 1 applications of horn manure over the whole farm • 1 application of horn silica over appropriate crops • 1 application of the compost preparations during our main compost building activity • Repeated references to biodynamic thought and activities throughout the training program

Size of farm: 120 acres, with 10 acres currently under management

Diversity of produce and livestock: Predominantly vegetables and cover crops. Berries, seed crops, pasture, perennial herbs and flowers, native hedgerows, bees, poultry and sheep are also raised. 

Skills that can be learned: See Greenbank Farm's Skills Checklists (pdf).

Apprenticeship details: Apprentices are participants in the full-time, 7-month long experiential program at the Ag Training Center, which begins in March. There is also a Farm Assistant Program for second-year students. For program details and application, please visit the Greenbank Farm Ag Training Center website.

Mentor Farmer: Sebastian Aguilar

Address: 765 Wonn Road #A201, Greenbank, WA 98253

Phone: 360-222-3171