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Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm is a small-diversified farm modeled after a family farm that was once common in this area. We are situated close to the Laguna wetlands in an area that was once a large oak savannah. We are currently growing 2 acres of row crops on semi-permanent beds. Our primary tillage is done by tractor and we cultivate using hand tools and an electric tractor. We have been experimenting with different types of no-till systems and different cover crops. Students, pre-k through 12th grade have gardening classes on the farm and help with planting, seeding and harvesting.

Size of farm: 15 acres total: 2-3 acres of row crops, ¼ acre permaculture garden, 6 acres of pasture and 2 acres of student gardens.

Diversity of produce and livestock: 2 jersey cows, small flock of sheep, chickens, ducks and rabbits. Our farm grows a diverse selection of annual vegetables, perennials, apples, peaches, plums and pears.

Farming practices: Summerfield has been certified Biodynamic since 2001 by Demeter. At our farm we make all of our own compost from our animals onsite. We strongly limit imputs to only items that are necessary. We are working toward strengthening our fertility program and increasing our organic matter content of the soil using cover crops mulching. We use the planting calendar for field work to the best degree we can.

Skills that can be learned: See Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm's Skills Checklists (PDF)

Apprenticeship details: Apprentices are engaged in all areas of farm work: greenhouse propagation, planting, harvesting, animal care, milking, tractor safety, machinery repair. Working with and around children is an important part of our farm. Apprentices live onsite in yurts. A common area is shared that consists of a bathroom and kitchen. A stipend of up to $500 is provided. We work 8am to 6pm, and weekend chores are done a rotating schedule.

Mentor farmer: Dana Revallo

655 Willowside Rd, Santa Rosa, CA

(707) 575-1986 ext 144