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CSA Associate Apprentices - Spoutwood Farm, Glen Rock, PA

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CSA Associate Apprentices - Spoutwood Farm, Glen Rock, PA

Two (2) CSA Associate Apprentices. These are also full-season positions. However, here again, Associate Apprentices are expected to take on significant responsibility. Some involvement with other Farm activities – including Festivals and Education programs – will also be included. CSA Associate Apprentices receive a stipend, and free vegetables, but cannot be guaranteed lodging on the Farm. We will endeavor to work with you to solve your lodging issues.

Drive, dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm are essential. So is a sense of humor, and a willingness to adjust/adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and unexpected challenges. All candidates help promote Spoutwood’s educational mission and it’s overall keynote of Hospitality. Note that all positions involve sometimes hard physical labor, in a wide range of weather conditions! Willingness and ability to work well with others, including one’s fellow apprentices & interns, permanent Spoutwood staff, CSA shareholders, and the general public is vital.

Please send resume and cover letter to Spoutwood Farm at 717-235-6610 or