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Internships at S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture - Lopez Island, WA

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Internships at S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture - Lopez Island, WA

Internships & Apprenticeships

The Internship Program at S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture was established in 1994 and to date has hosted nearly forty trainees. Internships, which last minimally 3 months, are either curriculum-based or production-based. Apprenticeships are minimally 3-9 months in length.

Curriculum-based interns earn academic credit from their home institutions (link to College). They are given on-farm assignments reflecting their academic interests, spend mornings doing hands-on work, the afternoons studying prescribed readings and carrying out their own research leading to a comprehensive project report. Such interns pay for their own room and a share of farm-produced food, but do not pay for tuition to S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

Production-based interns work mostly through Lopez Community Farm CSA, and their work is focussed on vegetable production. Such interns are provided free housing or a campsite, and a share of the food grown at the CSA throughout the season. They also receive a small stipend negotiated with the CSA managers (link to CSA).

Apprenticeships in Applied Biodynamics are individually designed and described in a Memorandum of Understanding between the trainee and S&S Center of Sustainable Agriculture.

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