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Garden Intern Position at Sirius Community in Western Massachusetts

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Garden Intern Position at Sirius Community in Western Massachusetts

Sirius Community, founded in 1978 by former Members of Findhorn is a spiritual intentional community located in the foothills of western Massachusetts. We are a non-profit educational center with a fourfold purpose as an intentional community, a conference center, a demonstration center and a place for spiritual growth and development. We use organic gardening and natural building practices, attunement to nature and meditation in our daily lives in hopes of living more lightly on the planet.

To learn more about the community visit our website at .

We are offering a garden intern position for 2010. The garden itself is around two acres including two orchards and some fruit production. We do all our work without tractors in a raised bed system using the principles of permaculture, attunement to nature, companion planting, biodynamics, and biointensive agriculture. The garden has been in production for 30 years and supplies food for the community kitchen and the surrounding neighborhood.

Starting in March and running through November this is a position for someone who has already had some organic vegetable growing experience. We are looking for someone who can work alongside the head gardener in an assistant role in planning, planting weeding watering and harvesting and often covering when she is not here. Physical stamina is needed. They must also be willing to work with guests and possible interns who are just learning about gardening.. In our garden we work with in cooperation with nature using attunement and meditation to achieve some of our garden goals. The applicant must be willing to learn and be open to these methods.

This person must be willing to participate in all aspects of community life including working with other members, being part if a rotational cooking system and sometimes cooking for 8-15 people. We generally work 35 hours a week but are less stressful than a regular CSA.

We can offer a private room and a shared kitchen plus board. We cannot pay anyone for this position.

Ineterested? Call Linda Reimer at 413-259-1230.