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Biodynamic Farm Lease Opportunity - Flowers by the Sea, Elk, CA

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Biodynamic Farm Lease Opportunity - Flowers by the Sea, Elk, CA

Flowers by the Sea began operation on this property in 1995. Since then, nearly all the farmable land has been cleared and cropped, with special attention to building long term soil fertility using Biodynamic methodology. The focus for the last few years has been to vegetable and fruit crops marketed directly and locally. The farm is locally famous for its great variety of high quality and poison free produce, flowers, eggs and meat.

Prior to the current use, the land was unused since the early 1930s, when it was the home to a small organic goat dairy. The soils are clean, fertile and free from pesticide residue.

Due to the age, health and outside family responsibilities of the current ownership it is now necessary to hand the management of this farm over to the next generation. It is our strong desire that farming continue here. In any case, various options for the sale of the property are actively being pursued, and the property will be actively marketed for sale during the 2011 season.

Please view the full PDF description for information on farm facilities, market, lease terms, certifications, timetables, and cropping. Contact information is included in the PDF. (Posted here with landowner permission.)