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White Rose Farm seeks Apprentice - near Gettysburg, PA

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White Rose Farm seeks Apprentice - near Gettysburg, PA

White Rose Farm is a participating mentor farm in the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program. For more information about the program, please see

Garden/Farm Apprentice wanted at White Rose Farm for the 2011 season

About the farm: White Rose Farm, a 132 acre farm retreat close to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, seeks a garden/farm apprentice for a 2-acre market garden serving a 32-member CSA and several farmer’s markets. The farm’s overall vision is to create a place of beauty, bounty and balance, a place of retreat and renewal for those in the local and regional area.

About the Position: The Farm Apprentice will focus on the day-to-day operation of the farm, especially in the garden. The apprentice will plant, cultivate, tend, harvest, package and store produce under the direction of the Farm Manager. As directed, the apprentice will run and maintain farm equipment, including a tractor, using good safety practices. The apprentice may help offer educational programs to the general public and will be involved in the preparation and spraying of various biodynamic preparations. He or she may also oversee the care of a small free-range hog production, a pastured poultry operation and the care of small flocks of laying hens, ducks, Guinea hens and turkeys. The apprentice will be involved in marketing the farm’s produce—in our CSA, at our farm stand or at a farmer’s market.

Compensation: The apprentice will work an average of 40 hours per week and have one week off during the season (from April through November). The apprentice will have a small stipend. On farm housing with a private bedroom and shared bath will be provided, as well as food from the garden. The apprentice will receive bonuses for completing the season and for increasing sales from the garden.

Desired Qualifications:

Must want to farm
Must enjoy working cooperatively with others
Must have the will and ability to work long hours and to perform physical, out door jobs in all weather (hot, cold, humid, rainy.) when necessary
Must have at least one year of agricultural experience, preferably with vegetable production and biodynamic experience.
An ability to pace oneself, working faster when the job requires speed, is a plus
A sensitivity to art and to community is a plus

The apprentice will receive regular supervision and training as part of the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program.

What makes our farm unique and gives it character:

White Rose Farm is a 132-acre farm located in a rural agricultural district in northwest Carroll County, Maryland about 60 miles from Baltimore and Washington. It is close to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in rolling countryside, with a view of the Catoctin Mountains.

The farm uses biodynamic practices to raise the best food we can imagine. We also offer the farm as a place of retreat: a place where people can be fed by the beauty, bounty and balance of the farm. The farm is more than food: it is a feast for the senses; a place to connect with the rhythms of the earth, the universe and each other. In the gardens, vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruit are interplanted with an eye for color and texture.

We cultivate about 2 acres as a market garden; range hogs over another 2 acres and maintain a hay field of six acres. We raise a wide variety of herbs, vegetables, flowers and fruit, primarily for taste and color. We also raise free-range hogs and pasture-raised roasting chickens. We keep small flocks of Guinea hens, laying hens, Indian Runner ducks and heritage breed turkeys. We lease ninety acres to our neighbor, a conventional farmer and have a woodlot for the farm’s use.

We offer five major seasonal events to honor the rhythms of the Earth: A May Day Celebration, a barn dance to open the summer, a high summer feast in early August, a Michaelmas celebration and a drum circle to honor the ancestors near All Saints Day. We hold monthly full moon celebrations to honor the feminine. We plan to hold work days on Saturday mornings. On Sunday evenings we open a farm stand and host a casual social atmosphere. In the fall, we host fire circles on Sunday evenings.

The farm is networking with others in our area to promote health and healing—of ourselves and our environment. These include relationships with an acupuncturist, a yoga instructor, various musicians, a drum teacher, the local community college and a soup kitchen and gleaning network.

Sally Voris, the owner, had been a writer, storyteller, master gardener and community organizer before coming to the farm. She completed the one-year, part-time program in biodynamic agriculture at the Pfeiffer Center in New York. She has a special gift for making biodynamic principles accessible, a feminine presence and a sensitivity and receptivity to artists of all kinds.

Contact: Sally Voris,