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Woodbridge Farm seeks Apprentice - Salem, CT

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Woodbridge Farm seeks Apprentice - Salem, CT

Woodbridge Farm is a participating mentor farm in the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program. For more information about the program, please see

Name of farmer: Julia Smagorinsky

Address: 30 Woodbridge Road
Salem, CT 06420

Phone: (860) 531 8090



Size of farm: 81 acres total (15 acres fields under cultivation, 24 acres pastures, 4 acres wetlands, 48 acres forest); 200 member CSA; 10 dairy cows

Diversity of produce and livestock: vegetables, beef and dairy cattle, heritage pigs, horses, raw milk cheese.

Skills that can be learned: Interns will have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of farm life by participating in the daily chores. This includes feeding and care taking of the livestock, pasture rotation and management, seed propagation, transplanting, weeding, mulching, greenhouse management, harvesting and post harvest preparation as well as the use of biodynamic preparations. We hold weekly tutorial meetings and offer discussion groups – but expect a high level of self motivated involvement in study activities. See Woodbridge Farm's skills checklist (coming soon).

Number of apprentices: 4

Arrival and length of stay: Candidates should ideally be able to start in March or April and work through Mid November, but other dates may be arranged. We do offer the possibility to stay for a year or longer as well.

Stipend: Accommodation in intern-house, share of vegetables, $500 for first year apprentices, $700 for second year apprentices, coverage of up to 2/3 of expenses related to the required NABDAP educational activities.

What makes this farm unique and gives it character?
We are a diversified biodynamic farm that while approaching financial sustainability is still relatively small. This enables apprentices to participate in all aspects of farming, to learn about animal husbandry as well as crop production. Woodbridge Farm has a long family history that gives the farm and its landscape a unique and pristine character.
We focus on creating a fully functional farm organism, that is able to mutually support its various operations, to benefit the environment as well as our customers, and to establish economic sustainability. We are very open and willing to share our experiences and perceptions, and the thought-processes involved in all decision making. It is a wonderful place to learn how to grow and to creatively learn from the land. We place great value on deepening a living perception of nature. Equally as much we encourage research, critical thinking and active involvement in problem solving.
We are also learning to incorporate Nutrient Dense growing practices into our vegetable production, an exciting new development in organic agriculture, focusing on microbial life, mineral levels, soil care, and proper plant development (leading to measurably high nutritional values, amazing taste, and holistic farm health).