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Biodynamic Practitioner for Winery - Ukiah, CA

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Thea Maria Carlson
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Biodynamic Practitioner for Winery - Ukiah, CA

Parducci Winery in Ukiah, California is a certified organic and certified biodynamic vineyard of 90 acres. While we
meet the basic requirements for certification as biodynamic, we desire to
develop a more comprehensive program. Since farming is carried out by
management companies, what we really need is a person dedicated to
biodynamic principles to be part of that team.

Our idea is to provide an opportunity for a BD practitioner to have a
property to take to heart and give full expression to his/her vision for it,
shaped by a developing understanding of its nature by working with it over
time. While the possibility of creating a position for someone with only
that as the mandate faces a daunting economic barrier, another avenue comes
to mind. Having talked about this with both Downey Vineyard Management and
Welch Vineyard Management (the management companies that do the farming), it
seems possible to employ a "resident practitioner" as a member of the crew
with one or both companies. I would envision this person working on any of
the operations going on at Parducci. Whenever a particular activity
specific to BD is going on, this person would be the one performing it. As
they get to know the property, they can add more dimensions to these
activities (making the preps as well as applying them; offering ideas about
cultural practices and timing that could be incorporated into the standard
practices). When there is no work going on at Parducci, they would travel
to the other ranches served by these companies and develop a wider knowledge
of viticulture in the area.

This is a starting point for our discussion. Should we find a person for
whom this is an attractive entrance into the business, I'm sure that it
could evolve in a number of directions. The important thing is that this
makes it affordable and flexible.

For more information, see

Contact: Alfred White, Viticulturist: 707.272.4471 or