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Raphael Garden at Rudolf Steiner College Seeks Apprentice - CA

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Raphael Garden at Rudolf Steiner College Seeks Apprentice - CA

Raphael Garden at Rudolf Steiner College has a position open for an apprentice to begin in early Fall. Apprenticeships last one or two entire years. The Apprenticeship Program at Rudolf Steiner College is held in conjunction with NABDAP (the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program) and applicants who are, or will be, participating in the NABDAP program will be given preference.

Training is both practical and theoretical, intended for people looking for a vocation as small-scale farmers or as garden teachers. The program is designed as part of the overall education needed to become a farmer, which may take several years. The deepened understanding of man and nature gained by working on the land through Biodynamic practices offers apprentices a rich, strong foundation for moving forward in life, whether they decide to specialize in farming or pursue another vocation.

Read more about the program on the Rudolf Steiner College website.