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TitleThe bio-crystallization method as a new indicator for organic food-quality
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBusscher, N, Kahl, J, Ploeger, A
Conference NameFirst International Conference on Organic Food Quality and Health Research
PublisherInstitute of Chemical Technology, Prague
Conference LocationPrague, Czech Republic
ISBN Number978-80-7080-779-8
Keywordsbio-crystallization, pattern, picture forming methods, self organization

Crystallization patterns emerge when an aqueous di-hydrate copper chloride (CuCl2 * 2 H2O)
solution with the sample in question (e g., a watery extract of food products) is crystallized on a
glass plate. The laboratory procedures are described in standardized protocols. The patterns can
be evaluated according to standardized evaluation methods. The standardization of the biocrystallization
method for organic food quality has been reported for carrots and milk (Kahl et al.
2009, Busscher et al. 2010a). Furthermore samples from different treatments (e.g. farming
practices) could be significantly discriminated based on the texture analysis of the emerged crystal
pictures (Szulc et al. 2010). In order to apply the bio-crystallization on food samples in addition to
authentication issues, the relation of the emerging picture and its textural and structural features
with food quality criteria and/or indicators has to be elaborated. Therefore the building process of
the emerging picture needs to be understood more deeply according to its physical and chemical
properties. The factors of influence of the evaporation- and crystallization process of the biocrystallization
in the presence of an additive (like a food sample) have been studied (Busscher et al.
2010b, Busscher et al. 2011). As a result of this investigation a negative process-entropy and the
hypothesis of self organization characteristics were formulated. A negative process entropy and
self-organization abilities may help to explain that pictures with a structure emerge. Based on this
the hypothesis for the building process of the bio-crystallization picture can be formulated that the
emerging picture is influenced by those properties of the additive, which are influencing the
process-entropy and the self-organization. This would be a hypothetical basis for the connection of
food quality with the concept of structure.