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TitleBiodynamics a promising road to tomorrow's sustainable agriculture
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSchreier, U, Association Soin de la Terre
PublisherAssociation Soin de la Terre


Being a prime candidate for helping to develop a truly sustainable and largely autonomous agricultural system, it appears urgent that biodynamics gets to be more widely known not only by farmers, consultants and researchers but also by government representatives and the general public. It is with this goal in mind that the present document has been put together. Enhanced by many photographs, illustrations, references and internet links, it deals with the origins of biodynamics, the vision it is based on, some of its key aspects and most importantly it shows many solid results with regard to soil development, vigor and health of plants, taste and nutritional value of its products (see pages 15 to 27 for soil and plant photos).

Note: Taking into account the rapid development of Biodynamics and to give the document a "living" hue, its e-version will be updated on a regular basis. The latest version is always available at the following URL address: