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TitleCumulative effect of selected organic - biodynamic manures on growth of Allium cepa Lin
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsPerumal, K, Stalin, V, Janarthanan, B
InstitutionShri AMM Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre
CityTharamani, Chennai, India

The present study aimed to assess selected organic - biodynamic manures such as cow pat pit (CPP), cow horn manure (BD 500), biodynamic herbal preparations such as (BD 502 - 507) were colleted from Shri AMM Murugappa ChettiarResearch Centre, Tharamani and Kurinji Organic foods Pvt Ltd., Genguvarpatti Tamil nadu for their efficacy on the growth of Allium cepa Lin.  All the 4 combinations (CPP + BD 500, CPP + BD 502 - 507, BD 500 + BD 502 - 507 and BD 502 - 507) estimated for the physicochemical properties such as pH, EC, humic acid, organic carbon were recorded. BD (502 - 507) contained highest amount humic acid (40.02 mg/g of manure) and CPP + BD 500 contained highest amount of organic carbon (4.7 %) were recorded. The combined selected organic - biodynamic manures were analysed for presence of plant growth hormones, CPP + BD 500 combination had highest amount indole acetic acid (50.2 mg/kg), gibberlic acid (23.6 mg/kg) and kinetin (10.5 mg/kg). Among four combinations of organic and biodynamic manures, CPP + BD herbal combination had remarkable influence on root and sheath of Allium cepa grown in hydroponics growth conditions.  The average onion roots (29 nos), rootlets (3.5 cm length), Sheath growth (32.4 cm), cell size (42.16 m) and the metaxylem (2 nos) were recorded maximum in CPP + BD 500 grown combination for 30 days. The anatomical structure of onion root grown in CPP + BD 500 mixture had 2 metaxylem whereas the others had only one metaxylem. Positive relationships between production of plant growth hormones and cytological effect in organic and biodynamic manures have not only supplied the available nutrients but also significant effects on crop growth and disease resistance.