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Biodynamics Journal Sale

The Biodynamic Association office is cleaning up our office space, and we have an overstock of select issues of the Biodynamics journal. If you want more print copies of a given issue, now is the perfect time to expand your collection. Peruse the selection of available issues below, complete the form, submit payment, and we will send your journals to you. Act now, because this sale will only take place through July 10th. There are a limited number of copies per issue available, on a first come first served basis. This sale is only available online through the form below (no phone orders, please.)

Regional biodynamic group coordinators, contact info@biodynamics.com for volume discounts.

All sales final.

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Urban Agriculture

Spring 2011

Issue #275

Jeff Poppen, "Changing the Path of Urban Development: Building Local Food Production with a Biodynamic CSA"

Devon Strong, "Native American Spirituality and Bison in Biodynamic Agriculture"

Robert Karp, "Strengthening The Heart of the Food Movement: Biodynamics and the Deregulation of GMO Alfalfa"

Karen-Davis Brown, "Biodynamic Compost for the Small-Scale Gardener"


Biodynamics in Central & South America

Summer 2011

Issue #276

John Bloom, “Horse Sense for a Draft, Or, an Ox Bow Incidentally”

Karen Davis-Brown, with contributions from Osiris Abrego Plata, Matias Baker, Henry Karczynski, and Steven Farrell, "Finca Luna Nueva and Villa Vanilla" Pioneers in Biodynamics in Costa Rica"

Barb and Mike Haigwood, “Visitors Perspective's一Farming with Biodynamics in Central America”

Walter Moora, “A Farmer's Reflections一My Experiences in Ecuador"


Biodynamics & GMO's一Toward a Holistic View

Fall 2011

Issue #277

Stephen L. Talbott, “When Holism was the Future”

Margaret Runyon, “Biodynamics and Anthroposophy in New Orleans”

Rita Howard, “Growing the Biodynamic Practitioner Through Research”

Steffen Schneider, “Agriculture 3.0: The Biodynamic Movement 150 Years After Rudolf Steiner's Birthday”


Biodynamics as Alchemy

Winter/Spring 2012

Issue #278

Dennis Klocek, “Biodynamic Alchemy”

James Barausky and Cheryl Mulholland, “Celestial Agriculture: Anthroposophical Agriculture and Alchemy”

Heinz Grotzke, “Climate Change and Human Morality”

Adrienne Chapman, “Third Annual Retreat for Farm Based Educators Inspired by Anthroposophy”


Is Agriculture Sacred?

Fall 2012

Issue #279

John E. Ikerd, “Reclaiming the Sacred in Food and Agriculture”

Karen Davis-Brown, "A Portal to the Sacred"

John Bloom, “Humor: In the Companionship of Carrots, or, There is No Rhizome without Reason”

Bernard Jarman, “Maria Thun: An Appreciation”


Horticulture & Vitalism

Spring 2013

Issue #280

Alan Chadwick, “Everything is Governed by an Invisible Law”

Jeff Poppen, “Yarrow and Valerian”

Koenraad van der Meer, “Search for the Holy Grain: Baker Seeking Biodynamic Barley”

Beth and Nathan Corymb, “Meadowlark Hearth: Opportunities to Make a Difference for the World”


The Art of Composting

Spring 2014

Issue #282

Bruno Follador, “Composting as a Free Deed: Being and Becoming”

Tom Petherick, “The Biodynamic Compost Preparations”

Jeffrey Endelman, Malcolm Gardner, Joseph Brinkley, Hugh Courtney, Wali Via, and Brian Wickert, “Nitrogen Dynamics of Biodynamic Horn Manure”

Colum Riley, “Biodynamic Compost for the Masses: The Malibu Compost Story”


Creating Health

Fall 2014

Issue #283

Patricia Frazier, “The Stirring Porch一Health Through the Biodynamic Preparations”

Cory Eichman, “For the Love of Seeds一Seed Saving and the Farm Individuality”

Deb Soule, “Medicinal Plants, Pollinators, and People”

Henning Sehmsdorf, “The Staff of Life? The Culture of Gluten Intolerance as Seen Through the Eyes of a Homestead Baker”


Who are the Animals?

Spring 2015

Issue #284

Steffen Schneider, “Our Relationship and Partnership with Animals”

Trauger Groh, “The Metamorphosis of the Animal and It's Realization on the Biodynamic Farm”

Elizabeth Candelario, “Building a Biodynamic Marketplace”

Jim Fullmer, “Integrating Livestock on a Biodynamic Farm: The Demeter USA Farm Standard”

Sherry Wildfeuer, “Deepening the Connection with the Worldwide Biodynamic Movement Through the Agricultural Section”