The Biodynamic Association welcomes proposals for workshops and presentations for our 2018 North American Biodynamic Conference, which will take place November 14th - 18th in Portland, OR. You may propose yourself as a presenter or nominate someone else to present. Proposals are due no later than Friday, March 23. 

The 2018 conference will include 60-minute and 90-minute workshops, 3-hour and 6-hour pre-conference intensives, and 10 minute lightning talks. Collaborative presentations, interactive activities and alternative teaching styles are encouraged. We also welcome proposals for workshops in Spanish or bilingual English/Spanish workshops. Proposals on any topic will be considered, but priority themes for the 2018 conference include:

  • Biodynamic Practices for Growing Food, Wine, and Medicinal Herbs: biodynamic approaches to specific crops, enterprises, and climates, such as vegetables, grains, fruits, herbs, animal husbandry, dairy, bees, forestry, etc. and ways to integrate diverse plants and animals within these systems

  • Indigenous Agriculture and Traditional Ecological Knowledge: indigenous agricultural and ecological wisdom and traditions from the Pacific Northwest, across the Americas, and around the world, and bridges between these traditions and biodynamics

  • Social Justice and Community: how biodynamics can be informed by and contribute to social and racial justice, and diversity, equity, and vitality in our communities 

  • Urban Agriculture and Backyard Gardening: applications of biodynamics at a small scale, connections to permaculture, biointensive, agroecology, and other aligned approaches

  • Economy and the Marketplace: certification, marketing, processing, and distribution of biodynamic products; associative and cooperative social and economic models; innovative approaches to land ownership, access, and succession

  • Science and Research: Quantitative, qualitative, experimental, Natural scientific, Goethean, and spiritual scientific research on biodynamics and related topics

  • Healing, Nutrition, Flavor and Quality: biodynamic and other holistic approaches to nurturing and healing of our bodies, souls and spirits, including tastings and sensory explorations of food, wine, soil, and other agricultural elements

  • Biodynamic Basics: core principles and practices of biodynamic farming and gardening for newcomers and beginner to intermediate practitioners, including transitioning to biodynamics for existing farmers

  • Advanced Biodynamics: deep explorations of advanced biodynamic topics intended for those who have been practicing and studying biodynamics for at least five years

  • Workshops for Children: workshops and activities for children ages 7-14, such as nature exploration, art, music and movement, creative play, practical activities and skill building

If you wish to propose multiple presentations, please submit one form for each proposal. Please note that we expect to receive many more proposals than we can accommodate, and no proposal is guaranteed to be accepted. Proposals will be accepted until Friday, March 23. We will inform you of a decision by May 1, 2018.

To save a draft of this form and return to finish it later, log in (or create a new account) at the top of this page before you begin and then click "Save Draft" at the bottom of this form before leaving this page. If you have any difficulty completing this form, or to request a printable proposal form, please contact Kaitlin Downs at  or 262-649-9212 x8.

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