Martin looks forward to co-researching burning questions with Conference participants e.g. how to build a fairly priced associative supply chain from farm to fork; how are we connecting with land and place; ways of securing farmland access; ways of financing land purchase and farm business working capital; working with Rudolf Steiner’s social threefolding vision amidst the crisis of market fundamentalism.

Founded the Biodynamic Land Trust  (UK) Facilitator, lecturer, community land trust and social business enabler.  Co-founded Stroud Common Wealth Ltd in 1999 for social, economic and cultural renewal.  His Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship to the USA in 2003 led to UK wide action research resulting in 175 community land trusts for social housing, several farm land trusts and reinventing the co-op community benefit society structure. Books include, Social Ecology (1981), Futures that Work (2002), Common Wealth (2010), and Commons Sense: Co-operative Place Making for 21st Century Garden Cities. (2013) Santa Fe will conclude a US lecture tour and harvesting learning for building a commonwealth society.

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