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the biodynamic community doing groundbreaking work with the living earth 

DISCOVER how a living approach to agriculture can help us consciously collaborate with our planet to create healthy, living, vibrant landscapes and nourishing food.



LEARN practical skills in biodynamic and regenerative practices and explore biodynamic principles and philosophy, whether you are new to biodynamics or have been practicing for decades

Pre-conference workshops

Field days

NABDAP apprentice and mentor gathering

Pre-conference workshops

Opening celebration: "Tastes of Tierra Viva"

Film screening 

Young farmer mixer

Keynote: "Regenerating Earth and Community"

Breakout workshops

Social activities



Keynote: "Farming the Living Earth"

Breakout workshops

Social activities

Seed exchange

Film screening

NABDAP apprentice graduation


Music and dancing

Keynote: "Living Earth, Living Climate"

The future of the biodynamic movement

Sharing insights and questions from the conference

Closing celebration


Workshop Tracks

Special Events



CONNECT with hundreds of farmers, gardeners, educators,

activists, and earth lovers at a farm field day, local food tasting,

film screenings, mixers, meetups, artistic performances, and music and dancing



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DEEPEN your understanding of the living earth through rich and diverse agricultural wisdom from across the Americas


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EXPLORE how a living approach to agriculture can help us understand and address global challengesfrom climate change to social justice

Santa Fe, New Mexico 


1.  Convention Center  

2.  El Dorado Hotel 

3.  Hotel Santa Fe 

4.  Las Palomas 

5.  Santa Fe Sage Inn  

6.  Santa Fe Farmers Market 


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