Flow forms are used by many biodynamic practitioners to enliven water and stir biodynamic preparations. The Biodynamic Association (BDA) works in a similar way. Through our work, the BDA energizes and potentizes the biodynamic community, co-creating positive transformation through dynamic movement.

This winter, the Biodynamic Association seeks to raise $60,000 to support the further development of our work. The world is in deep need of healing, and the Biodynamic Association’s resources, educational programs, and information are more sought after than ever before. We are asking our members and friends to give generously, recognizing the critical role of BDA in transforming agriculture in North America.

The Biodynamic Association is working to catalyze the growth and development of biodynamic agriculture in so many ways, and our members and donors have made this possible.

To name a few highlights from this past year, we have:

  • Launched a new farmer training program, the Biodynamic Farmer Foundation Year, building on our apprenticeship program with new innovations such as support for established farmers to receive training and mentoring in biodynamics, and interactive video-based sessions to bring participants together for learning and conversation
  • Created a new program to build bridges between biodynamic, Indigenous, and traditional farmers and land stewards, broaden and deepen existing relationships, establish new ongoing collaborative relationships, and facilitate cross-cultural learning
  • Created a Biodynamic Disaster Recovery Fund and Forum to assist biodynamic farms and gardens affected by disasters such as the 2017 Northern California fires and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, and engage our members and wider community in offering support
  • Co-initiated and led the Biodynamic Movement Visioning Project with our sister organizations Demeter USA, JPI, the Agriculture Section, RSF Social Finance, and others, engaging over 800 members of our community to explore the current landscape and future of biodynamics together
  • Organized our biggest-yet North American Biodynamic Conference, Transforming the Heart of Agriculture, in Portland, with nearly 1000 people in attendance

Biodynamic apprentices in our farmer training program

Finca Hekiti in Puerto Rico used funds from the Biodynamic Disaster Recovery Fund to add to their small-scale solar panel system, which gets them closer to being energy independent.

Siembra Tres Vidas used funds from the Biodynamic Disaster Recovery Fund on tools like a shovel, digging fork and machetes as well as on materials to build a floor around a donated rain harvesting system — which doubles as a shed and work area.

Biodynamic Scholarship Fund recipient

Biodynamic Movement Visioning Project

Educating about biodynamics at regional and national farming conferences around the country

We are excited to continue the momentum of our work in 2019 through our core activities of educating, storytelling, activating, and incubating the further growth of the biodynamic movement. With your help, we will:

  • Organize another amazing North American Biodynamic Conference (now an annual event!) to bring together the thriving biodynamic community and welcome hundreds of newly interested farmers, gardeners, and land stewards to delve into the principles and practices of biodynamics with top biodynamic educators from across the continent and world
  • Leverage our next conference to build stronger partnerships with key allies from the organic and regenerative agriculture movements through sponsorship exchanges, organizing biodynamic programming, and exhibiting at many regional farming conferences in early 2019
  • Expand our new Biodynamic Farmer Foundation Year to serve dozens more beginning and transitioning farmers with intensive hands-on training and distance learning to support them in mastering the core principles and practices of biodynamics
  • Launch our first cohort of the Biodynamic Farmer Development Year to support and nurture farmers who graduate from the Foundation Year in deepening and expanding their biodynamic understanding
  • Work with Demeter USA to develop a framework for a farmer-to-farmer learning and peer certification program modeled after the successful "Farm Talks" program prototyped by biodynamic organizations in the Netherlands and Germany
  • Organize a cross-cultural field day to bring together biodynamic, Indigenous, and traditional farmers and land stewards to connect and learn from each other
  • Collaborate with our sister organizations in the biodynamic community to create stronger alignment and synergy in our shared work
  • Offer more webinars and online courses that address both the practical and the spiritual dimensions of biodynamics
  • And so much more!

In order to continue this essential work, we need your support. Please make a generous gift to help us reach our campaign goal of $60,000. You can donate online at biodynamics.com/donate, or by phone at (262) 649-9212 x2.

Just as flow forms work to energize and uplift the life force of water, restoring health and vitality, so your gifts will allow the BDA to energize and uplift the biodynamic community so that we can bring health and vitality to the Earth and all her inhabitants. Thank you for your support!