Connecting the next generation of farmers, educators, activists and others inspired by biodynamics
First BING gathering in 2010

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The Biodynamic Initiative for the Next Generation (BING) is a project of the Biodynamic Association which creates opportunities for the next generation of farmers, apprentices, educators, activists, and others inspired by biodynamics to connect, share, and learn from one another. BING brings young people together through several channels of communication, including an e-newsletter, a facebook group, local meetups, and regional and national gatherings.

BING was launched through the Biodynamic Youth Gathering at the 2010 Biodynamic Conference in Spring Valley, NY. Over 50 people attended this initial gathering, traveling from all over the country and abroad to meet each other and share their ideas. For a full overview, check out Paula Manalo's blog post on the event. Since then, we've helped organize several young farmer gatherings in the midwest, an open space conversation at the 2012 Biodynamic Conference, meetups in Oregon, California and New York, and a new initiative BING Global with friends from Norway and Germany. Read more news and how to get involved below...

BING Meetups

California - January 2013

California - June 2013

New York - February 2013

California - April 2013

California - April 2013

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For a full list of upcoming events related to biodynamics please see the Biodynamic Association's Calendar of Events.


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North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP): a program of the Biodynamic Association for beginning farmers, which combines two years of structured on-farm training and mentoring with a course of classroom study. Graduates are awarded a certificate in biodynamic farming. More resources for beginning farmers, including apprenticeship and internship listings, can be found on the NABDAP resources page.

The Greenhorns: grassroots non-profit organization made up of young farmers and many collaborators, with a mission to recruit, promote and support the new generation of young farmers in 21st century America

Think OutWord: peer-led training for young adults in social threefolding, as articulated by Rudolf Steiner

Youth Section of the Anthroposophical Society: an international youth movement based at the Goeatheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, creating a platform where young people can explore their inner and outer relationship to the world.

International Youth Initiative Program: a new social entrepreneur training in Jarna, Sweden, for youth aged 18 to 25 who want to create a positive social change in the world.