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About BING Global

BING Global began in June 2012 though conversations between Laura Klemme, organizer of Biodynamic Initiative for the New Generation Nordic (bingn), Clemens Gabriel, a member of the German group “young and biodynamic," and Thea Maria Carlson, coordinator of the North American BING Initiative to work on the idea of creating a global BING network.

“As the biodynamic movement is spread over the whole globe and is still going through a period of worldwide expansion, we think it is time to come to a global sense, a global consciousness of all the energy, inspiration and initiative we represent. By this we want to create an atmosphere in which we can mutually enhance our spiritual and creative potential.”

- Clemens Gabriel

BING Global is currently in the initiation phase. At many places in the world, a new generation of biodynamic farmers and initiators is about to take charge of (today’s and) tomorrow’s tasks and responsibilities - inside the movement and in a larger context of global humanity. For example:

At the 2013 International Biodynamic Agriculture Conference at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, Clemens and Laura hosted the workshop: “Biodynamic Agriculture in the next generation- What is the future asking from us?” This 3-day process allowed an international group to delve into some of the questions that can help us meet the future. Read about the workshop on the biodynamics blog: Alliances for the Next Generation: Reflections from the 2013 International Biodynamic Conference, Part One

Also in Dornach, Thea, Laura and Clemens co-facilitated a meeting of the young biodynamic movement, which served as the first official gathering of BING Global. Over 40 people joined the meeting from around the world for a fruitful discussion of the needs and burning issues facing the young people working with biodynamics. A report from this meeting with photographs is also available on the blog: Alliances for the Next Generation: Reflections from the 2013 International Biodynamic Conference, Part Two


Our vision for the Biodynamic Initiative for the Next Generation Global is to build a network of people engaging in biodynamic agriculture all over the world. We want to create spaces for encounter, exchange and inspiration, to explore the big questions facing the new generation of the biodynamic movement: What is the future asking of us? How can we prepare biodynamic agriculture for the future? Together, we hope to find the meeting of what we are and what will be, and through that meeting, to envision and realize our next steps forward.


After our first BING global meeting in February 2013, we are encouraging all who are interested in this global movement to organize local BING gatherings in their home communities, and bring the fruits of those meetings back to our next global gathering at the 2014 conference in Dornach. Would you like to host an event? Check out the BING Meetup Toolkit for step-by-step instructions for how to bring people together for a conversation on these questions, and please contact us if you need help.


Best wishes from your BING global team,
Laura, Thea & Clemens
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