Biodynamic Initiative for the Next Generation

What is the future asking from us?The following questions came out of a BING open space conversation at the 2012 Biodynamic Conference. We offer these questions as inspiration, for reflection and conversation.

  • What drew you/me to biodynamics?
  • Why do I farm (or want to farm) biodynamically?
  • What does biodynamics mean to me?
  • What does biodynamics have to offer?
  • Is biodynamic agriculture sacred?
  • What is the future asking of us?
  • What does the "new" farm, inspired by the future, look like?
  • How can farms be social spaces?
  • How can we help transfer knowledge, land, farms between generations?
  • How do we welcome the future of agriculture together, in partnership between older mentors, younger farmers and communities?
  • How can we meet more to empower this impulse?

Want to have a conversation with others to explore one or more of these questions? Host a bing meetup!

Are there other questions about biodynamics and the future that are meaningful to you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.