In addition to organizing the North American Biodynamic Conference (link is external), the Biodynamic Association exhibits at other conferences and partners with regenerative and organic agricultural organizations to curate, organize, or present biodynamic workshops around the continent and beyond.

We will continue to add events as information becomes available.

2018 Events


The Agriculture Course: An Intensive Study of the Origins
and Future of Biodynamics (link is external)

Jan. 12-15 at the Pfeiffer Center, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Including a conversation session with Thea Maria Carlson

Biodynamic Principles and Practices

Jan. 21 at the SHED, Healdsburg, CA

Presentation by Thea Maria Carlson

EcoFarm Conference (link is external)

Jan. 24-27 in Pacific Grove, CA

Including biodynamic presentations, discussion group, mixer, and BDA/BDANC exhibit table


Fellowship of Preparation Makers Conference: The Biodynamic Compost Preparations

Feb. 9-11 at Long Hungry Creek Farm, Red Boiling Springs, TN

Sponsored by the BDA

Tri-State Local Food Summit (link is external)

Feb. 10 at Sinsinawa Mound Center, WI

Visit the BDA table

Organic Seed Growers Conference (link is external)

Feb. 14-17 in Corvallis, OR

Including a workshop on "Growing Strong Seed the Biodynamic Way" and BDA exhibit table

Oregon Small Farms Conference (link is external)

Feb. 24 in Corvallis, OR

Including a biodynamic workshop track and BDA, Oregon Biodynamic Group, and Demeter exhibits

MOSES Organic Farming Conference (link is external)

Feb. 22-24 in La Crosse, WI

Visit the BDA/Viroqua Biodynamic Group exhibit table


SteinerBooks Spiritual Research Seminar (link is external)

Mar. 16-18 in Harlemville, NY

Sponsored by the BDA



International Biodynamic Wine Conference (link is external)

May 6-7 in San Francisco, CA

Sponsored by the BDA


Midwest Women's Herbal Conference

June 1-3 in Almond, WI

Visit the BDA exhibit table

New Zealand Biodynamic Conference (link is external)

June 20 in New Zealand

Keynote presentation by Thea Maria Carlson

West Coast Dowsers Conference (link is external)

June 29 - July 3 in Santa Cruz, CA

Workshop by Daphne Amory on "Biodynamics and Water"


I (link is external)NFRA Annual Conference (link is external)

July 21-24 in Minneapolis, MN

Presentation on "The Heart of Agriculture Meets the Heart of Retailers" by Thea Maria Carlson

Sustainable Agriculture Education Association Conference (link is external)

July 27-29 in O'ahu, HI

Presentation on "Biodynamic Compost as a Catalyst for Transformation" by Thea Maria Carlson


M (link is external)other Earth News Fair (link is external)

August 4-5 in Albany, OR

Visit the BDA exhibit

NOFA Summer Conference (link is external)

August 10-12 in Amherst, MA

Including workshop with Anthony Mecca and Karisa Centanni on "Biodynamic Principles and Practices" and BDA exhibit table


National Heirloom Expo

September 11-13 in Santa Rosa, CA

Visit the BDA exhibit; presentation by Thea Maria Carlson on permaculture panel


Mexico Biodynamic Conference

October 25-28 in Leon, Mexico


North American Biodynamic Conference

Nov 14-18 in Portland, OR

Join us in the Pacific Northwest for an inspirational and informative gathering of 700-1000 farmers, gardeners, vintners, entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, activists, and enthusiasts from the region, across North America, and around the world

November 16-19 in Baltimore, MD

Visit the BDA exhibit