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Concept paper on food quality research network announced

October 2013

The Biodynamic Association is pleased to share a draft concept paper outlining a proposed food quality research network. The creation of this paper follows the activities of the past year (e.g. Call for Pre-Proposals and Collaborators, and several research gatherings) during which the Biodynamic Association heard from you about a great diversity of needs and directions that biodynamic research could take. In considering this diversity, we have aimed to identify a unifying project that can weave together many interests and perspectives, and bring as many individuals and organizations as possible into a collaborative relationship. The idea of building a quality-testing network emerged as a way to build capacity, support many different scientific and practical interests and bring our thinking and our movement forward.

In cooperation with the Research Program Steering Team, the idea was expanded into the draft concept paper: Healthy Farms, Healthy Soils, Healthy Food: Establishing a Food Quality Research Network in North America. The purpose of the project is to make use of biodynamic insights and testing methods, together with a host of other perspectives and approaches, to enhance our understanding of quality soil and food and what contributes to it. The project would involve a network of laboratories and researchers working in close partnership with regional working groups of farmers.

The Biodynamic Association is now beginning an outreach phase, seeking to engage a wide range of potential partners, advisers, and funders in dialogue around this concept. The paper was already presented and warmly received during a recent meeting at the Omega Institute in New York. 

We invite you to share your comments, questions, and suggestions on the concept paper in our online forum or with Research Program Coordinator Sarah Weber at

Biodynamic research references added to website

Research advising now eligible in Biodynamic Scholarship Fund

Spring 2013

A compilation of existing biodynamic research references, related organizations and resources is now available. We welcome suggestions for additions and updates.

In response to researchers who expressed a desire for guidance in the development of biodynamic research projects, research-related advising is now eligible for support from the newly expanded Biodynamic Scholarship Fund. The fund provides financial support for individuals to participate in biodynamic workshops, courses, and conferences, as well for those seeking advice for biodynamic farming or research.

2012 Biodynamic Research Program Activities

As a first major step, a Call for Pre-Proposals and Collaborators for Biodynamic Research was announced in spring 2012.  By making this Call, the Biodynamic Association aimed to spark a new direction and impetus for biodynamic research through a broad idea-sharing process. Projects were invited addressing any aspect of biodynamics. Authors of the strongest submissions were invited to a Research Gathering held November 14-15, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin, just prior to the 2012 North American Biodynamic Conference. At the meeting, participants presented their pre-proposals, provided feedback to each other, and discussed overarching questions related to biodynamic research. All pre-proposal authors were invited to present posters of their projects at the Future Biodynamic Research Poster SessionThe conference also included a workshop on Results of Research with the Biodynamic Preparations.


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