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Normal topic Housing offer for individual or couple displaced by fires - Kootenay River Valley, BC
by Rebecca Briggs on Mon, 10/16/2017 - 9:23am
by Rebecca Briggs
Mon, 10/16/2017 - 9:23am
Biodynamic Disaster Response Forum
Normal topic IV Encuentro Nacional de Agricultura Biodinamica Oct 26-29 2017 Mexico
by sarahw on Wed, 09/06/2017 - 12:40pm
by sarahw
Tue, 10/10/2017 - 7:01pm
Biodynamics Bridging the Americas
Normal topic Land available in the GA mountains
by lmann108 on Tue, 04/03/2018 - 10:04am
by lmann108
Tue, 04/03/2018 - 10:07am
Land Opportunities
Normal topic land for lease, 4 acres, NW Missouri
by unclegene on Thu, 05/04/2017 - 8:33am
by unclegene
Wed, 05/10/2017 - 9:43am
Land Opportunities
Normal topic Land Stewardship Assistant Director - Western Massachusetts
by kaitlin@biodyna... on Thu, 05/10/2018 - 9:06am
by kaitlin@biodyna...
Thu, 05/10/2018 - 9:08am
Job Postings
Normal topic Lead Vegetable Farmer Position Available
by Liberty Farms on Tue, 09/05/2017 - 11:28am
by Liberty Farms
Tue, 09/05/2017 - 11:38am
Job Postings
Normal topic Livestock Leasing Opportunity at Meadowland Farm
by jskmbk on Wed, 09/06/2017 - 7:25am
by jskmbk
Wed, 09/06/2017 - 7:26am
Job Postings
Normal topic Livestock Manager
by brownsuffolk on Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:37pm
by brownsuffolk
Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:40pm
Job Postings
Normal topic Local Food Producer Survey
by Biodynamic Asso... on Tue, 02/27/2018 - 4:41pm
by Biodynamic Asso...
Tue, 02/27/2018 - 4:41pm
General Discussion
Normal topic Looking for land to practice biodynamics on? - Central North Carolina
by kaitlin@biodyna... on Thu, 05/18/2017 - 6:15am
by kaitlin@biodyna...
Thu, 05/18/2017 - 6:15am
Land Opportunities
Normal topic Meadowlark Hearth Biodynamic Seed List
by kaitlin@biodyna... on Wed, 04/04/2018 - 6:09am
by kaitlin@biodyna...
Wed, 04/04/2018 - 6:09am
General Discussion
Normal topic National Young Farmers Survey
by Rebecca Briggs on Mon, 11/27/2017 - 9:44am
by Rebecca Briggs
Mon, 11/27/2017 - 9:44am
General Discussion
Normal topic New Spirit Farmland Partnerships Announces Monarch Farms Project
by Rebecca Briggs on Mon, 03/05/2018 - 11:25am
by Rebecca Briggs
Mon, 03/05/2018 - 11:25am
General Discussion
Normal topic Nominations are open for the Inaugural Arrell Food Innovation Awards
by kaitlin@biodyna... on Fri, 12/22/2017 - 10:49am
by kaitlin@biodyna...
Fri, 12/22/2017 - 10:49am
General Discussion
Normal topic NOW HIRING: Farm Manager, AMI Farm at Augusta Health
by Allegheny Mount... on Tue, 04/17/2018 - 10:32am
by Allegheny Mount...
Tue, 04/17/2018 - 3:22pm
Job Postings
Normal topic NRCS Fire Restoration Resources
by Thea Maria Carlson on Tue, 10/17/2017 - 8:14am
by Thea Maria Carlson
Tue, 10/17/2017 - 8:14am
Biodynamic Disaster Response Forum
Normal topic NUEVO E-BOOK: Compartiendo la cosecha. Agricultura Apoyada por la Comunidad, una guía ciudadana
by sarahw on Wed, 06/21/2017 - 1:08pm
by sarahw
Wed, 06/21/2017 - 1:09pm
Biodynamics Bridging the Americas
Normal topic Offers of Housing, Food, Water, Sanitation, WiFi, Pet Support, More
by Karisa Centanni on Mon, 10/16/2017 - 8:53am
by Karisa Centanni
Mon, 10/16/2017 - 10:31am
Biodynamic Disaster Response Forum
Normal topic OFRF Call for Soil Health & Management Abstracts - Deadline, May 1
by Rebecca Briggs on Thu, 04/06/2017 - 8:45am
by Rebecca Briggs
Thu, 04/06/2017 - 8:45am
General Discussion
Normal topic OFRF Research Proposals for 2018 grants due December 15 2017
by sarahw on Fri, 09/22/2017 - 3:42pm
by sarahw
Fri, 09/22/2017 - 5:38pm
Discussion: Biodynamic Research