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Opportunity for Experienced Farmer at Live Power Community Farm in Covelo, CA

A unique farming opportunity awaits on land steeped in years of farming history. Founded by Stephen and Gloria Decater in 1977, Live Power Community Farm grew from Alan Chadwick’s famous Covelo Garden Project. Directly trained by Chadwick, master farmer Stephen Decater nurtured the soil through biodynamic farming practices, horse power, and love. With acres of vegetables, herds of cows and sheep, horses, pigs, and chickens, Live Power Community Farm operated one of the first CSAs in California, feeding hundreds of families throughout northern California and the Bay Area using horse, human, and sun power. Stephen trained countless apprentices on this land and with Gloria connected hundreds of school children to the soil, the plants, the animals and the system that feeds hearts, minds, and bodies.

With Stephen’s passing in the fall of 2021, the CSA has come to an end, and this storied land is ready to move into a new phase. It was Stephen's inspiration for Live Power Community Farm to continue to provide an incubator space for young farmers to learn and hone their agricultural skills.

In that light, Live Power Community Farm is seeking an enthusiastic, experienced, capable, and committed farmer with an interest in biodynamics to operate their own agricultural business alongside the existing animal and educational operations run by Gloria Decater and one farm assistant. Possibilities might include growing herbs (e.g., Echinacea, Yerba Santa, etc.), saving seeds, small grain growing, dried beans and more. Terms of the arrangement are negotiable, but will include housing, vegetables, and the agreed upon use of water, land, tools, and assistance in exchange for management of a small vegetable garden and participation in farm education with visiting school children and volunteer days. The opportunity to work with horses on the farm is also available with training possible for farmers who do not already know how to drive horses.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a farming endeavor on healthy, fertile soil without the need for extensive capital up front. Long-term involvement in the farm is possible. To learn more about Live Power Community Farm please check out our website, www.livepower.org and if you are interested in exploring the possibilities, contact Gloria Decater at 707-983-8196 or send an email to livepower@livepower.org.

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