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Seeking Farm Partners — Meadowlark Hearth Farm and Living Environment Foundations, NE

Meadowlark Hearth Farm and Living Environment Foundation are looking for farm partners who are experienced who are interested in joining the team to take the meadowlark hearth farm work into the future: must have an avid interest in whole farming, professional seed growing, animals, the joy and hard work of the human being in the context of community.  A plus to have experience in professional farming and seed growing, Biodynamic approach and bettering the plight of the world....passion for the above is essential.  Working toward the Threefolding efforts as described by Rudolf Steiner is key.  for our educational work: www.livingenvironmentfoundationne.org as well as meadowlarkhearth.org for seeds, contact: meadowlarkhearth@gmail.com 

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