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Opportunities - Internships/Apprenticeships

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Looking for apprentices or journeyman farmers, and potential teacher - S&S Homestead Farm, Lopez Island, WA

We are looking for apprentices who want to learn how to manage a small-scale, biodynamic farm, OR for journeyman farmers who already have these skills. Opportunities include whole-farm management, management of a whole-diet CSA, farmers' market, and teaching an on-farm high school class three times per week.

Leichtag Foundation Apprenticeship Program: 2015-2016 Season

The Farm’s pilot apprenticeship program will provide each apprentice with an opportunity to further his or her farming and professional development in an area of specialization related to the Farm’s biodynamic, Jewish agricultural and community farming operation.  The Farm provides a unique training opportunity for emerging farmers and is dedicated to advancing the fields of community farming and Jewish community farming.

Sharon's Natural Gardens: Part time intern

 I am not a production farm so can offer no salary. I am a retired widow with 50 years gardening /homesteading experience . I grew up on a local farm with my european grandparents which was almost self sufficient . I have a private one room cottage available (no plumbing) but it is insulated, has a composting toilet, air conditioning and heat. It provides privacy .Use of the farm house during the day is also provided sharing foods which is mostly from the farm and organic . 

Live Power Community Farm Seeking Apprentice

Live Power Community Farm is a 40-acre, solar electric and horse-powered, diversified, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® farm, founded in 1973 by Stephen and Gloria Decater. Four acres are devoted to an intensive vegetable garden hosting some 60 varieties of vegetables and herbs.

Blossom's Farm Seeking Interns - Santa Cruz, CA

Interns wanted

Blossom's Farm Santa Cruz Seeking Interns


Blossom's Farm in Santa Cruz, CA is excited to soon to be a new Mentor Farm member of the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP) and is looking for apprentice candidates for this year. 

A Stewardship with Body and Land - Self & Soul Center, Talent, OR

Just as nature grows with the energies of the soil, water, sun, and cosmic forces forming an interactive ecology integral to the health of the land, self development opens with the integration of the five elements-earth, water, fire, air and either. In Biodynamics, Steiner advocated that the farmer should establish a personal relationship to everything in farming because the process of growing is directly connected with continuous inner development. Seeing the farm as a living individuality on its way to becoming a being, is understanding the self in connection to nature.

2 Apprenticeship Positions at Temple-Wilton Farm (NH)

Temple-Wilton Community Farm was one of the two first CSA's in the United States. Most CSA’s are seasonal and most have a fixed price for a fixed ‘share in the harvest’. From the beginning we took a different direction. For one thing we had a herd of milking cows so we knew that our members would be coming to get milk throughout the year. Thus we decided to grow large quantities of storage vegetables in order to provide produce throughout the winter.

Apprenticeship Position at Tani Creek Farm (WA)

Tani Creek Farm is on a beautiful island in the Puget Sound that is still mostly forested and has very little farmland.  The farm uses only rainwater via ponds to irrigate, and solar power to run all electricity. We grow on a southwest facing slope, landscaped with swales and berms to catch all runoff water/irrigation. There is a unique and very diverse orchard.

Join MESA's global farmer-to-farmer network- Host an international Steward

Greetings from MESA!

Are you thinking about who your interns or crew will be for the 2015 season? Still looking for that extra bit of inspiration - the right person that makes farm work all the more meaningful? MESA still has some highly qualified international farmers looking for places to train in the U.S. from Mid-April through (at least) Mid-October.

Internship at farm & bee sanctuary - Battle Ground, WA

We have been a mentor farm for many years. We are looking for one or two experienced apprentices or graduates from the NABDAP program to work with the gardens and animals. We are milking two goats (till early summer), our brown-swiss jersey cow is due in June when we will start milking her once a day. We are raising 60 broilers who will be harvested mid-summer, and we have a dozen layers.

Our farm is also a school. One week each month we have students here learning equine structural integration in our school, and every month we offer numerous honeybee and farm skill classes.


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