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Internships & Apprenticeships Postings

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Pfeiffer Center Internship- Chestnut Ridge NY

The Pfeiffer Center internship is intended for individuals who want to broaden and deepen their understanding of organic sustainable agriculture and the biodynamic approach. This full-time, one-year program combines academic work with hands-on field experience. A strong emphasis is placed on the study and practice of biodynamic principles and techniques, including agricultural handwork, plant care, pest management, soil amendment and bed preparation, crop rotation, succession and companion planting, greenhouse work, beekeeping, orchard management, and more.

Biodynamic Student program – Visit Ecuador to Learn Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic Student program – Visit Ecuador to Learn Biodynamic Farming and Living Simply While Discerning your Life Path 

Hawthorne Valley Farm in Ghent, NY hiring Advanced Livestock Apprentice

Hawthorne Valley Farm is a 400-acre certified biodynamic and organic farm in Ghent, NY that is part of a larger non-profit organization. We are highly diversified with a market garden and CSA vegetable operation, dairy herd, beef and pork production, organic bakery, farmstead creamery and on-site lacto-fermentation operation. We are also home to a K-12 waldorf school and various other educational programs. Our mission is to strive for social and cultural renewal through the integration of education, agriculture and the arts.

Internship Rudolf Steiner Health Center Sept 11-Sept 25, 2016

Interested student who is available to participate in our upcoming therapeutic session at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center, Ann Arbor. Woofing arrangement or pay if skilled in anthroposophic therapies or nursing. Call for more information 734-663-4365 or email rshc@steinerhealth.org

2016 Autumn SEED Internship 3-4 month, Scottsbluff, NE

2016 Autumn SEED Internship 3-4 month:

September-December Harvesting in September, cleaning and testing seed and learning about seed distribution throughout September-December.

While you will learn much more of the context of seed if you come in the early spring, we offer the autumn internship for experienced farmers or gardeners who want to supplement their other agricultural experiences.

2016 Vegetable Seed Internship- Scottsbluff, NE


Year round internship includes Intensive horticultural production on 4 acres with a focus on vegetable seed production integrated into a CSA/Market vegetable garden. Activities include field preparation, cultivation growing, harvesting, threshing, cleaning, and packing seed for sale, and selling vegetables at a local farmer’s markets. Integrated with this is a small cow herd and raw milk dairy that provides fertility through compost and intensive rotational grazing.

Dairy Internship in micro raw milk dairy- Scottsbluff, NE

Learning Opportunities: DAIRY Internship

Year Around Work with our micro raw milk dairy providing local fresh milk from our grass fed cows on our certified organic land.

We take a break Jan and Feb from milking but we maintain the herd's needs.


Paid Internship at Pennsylvania's First CSA


Kimberton CSA, Pennsylvania's first CSA farm, is looking for additional workers to help us through our 2016 season. Our paid internship provides participants with a unique opportunity for hands-on learning with some of Pennsylvania's finest farmers. 

We are looking for motivated, able-bodied people who can work full time through to the end of the season (around Thanksgiving). Housing is available. Contact us today!

If interested, please email: kimbertoncsa.mgr@gmail

Dairy Farm Internship- Sequatchie, Tennessee

Join the Sequatchie Cove Farm Dairy team. Full time or Part time work available.

Internship Biodynamics+Permaculture+Tropical Agroecology

Tropical Agroecology Internship.
The Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology is offering a 3-month internship, SEPTEMBER 9 to DECEMBER 2, 2016. And it will be hosted at the lush and fruitfull, Finca Fruición: Permaculture Land Cooperative in Costa Rica!


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