Biodynamic Education Program: an initiative to strengthen, deepen and expand biodynamic education in North America and train the next generation of biodynamic farmers. We plan to implement seven key education strategies over the next few years. Projects and programs within our education program include:

North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP): a program for beginning biodynamic and organic farmers which combines two years of structured on-farm training and mentoring with a course of classroom study in biodynamics and an independent project, culminating in a certificate.

Biodynamic Scholarship Fund: a program which helps farmers, aspiring farmers and others to learn about and develop their skills in biodynamics through participating in educational workshops and conferences or receiving advising from a biodynamic consultant.

Biodynamic Initiative for the Next Generation (BING): a project which creates opportunities for the younger generation of farmers, gardeners, activists, educators and others inspired by biodynamics to connect, share, and learn from one another.

Farm-Based Educators Inspired by Anthroposophy: a network of farm- and garden-based educators whose work is inspired by biodynamic agriculture, Waldorf education, or anthroposophy, with goals of fostering collegiality, sharing curricula and best practices, and exploring ways to advance this emerging vocation.

Biodynamic Research Development Program: an initiative to advance the understanding and practice of biodynamics through supporting innovative and rigorous biodynamic research, creating a learning community of researchers, and developing online resources.

North American Biodynamic Conference: a biennial conference which is the foremost event for biodynamic education, networking, and community building on the continent, bringing together hundreds of farmers, gardeners, educators, activists, and interested newcomers. The 2012 Sacred Agriculture Conference drew more than 700 people to Madison, Wisconsin for five days of inspiring keynotes, informative workshops, networking, exhibits, film screenings, art, and organic and biodynamic foods.