1. Explore our online resources

Read our Biodynamic Principles and Practices and The Farm Individuality fact sheets and visit our What is Biodynamics? page for multimedia perspectives on biodynamics from several sources. Watch our free 90-minute Biodynamic Principles and Practices webinar to explore the basic concepts of biodynamics in more depth. Read articles about biodynamics in the sample issue of our Biodynamics journal, and browse our research references to find articles, books and other resources about scientific research on biodynamic practices.

2. Participate in a biodynamic workshop or event

Biodynamic workshops and events are organized by education centers and regional groups across North America — check our calendar of events for upcoming opportunities near you.

The Biodynamic Association’s conference is the largest biodynamic event in North America, bringing together hundreds of biodynamic farmers, gardeners, educators, activists and more for inspiring keynotes, informative workshops, networking and great food. Our next conference will take place November 14-18, 2018 in Portland, Oregon. Audio and video recordings of workshops from the 2016 Biodynamic Conference are available for purchase.

Scholarships for biodynamic workshops and events are available through the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund. Members of the Biodynamic Association also receive discounts on events and webinars we host.

3. Read a biodynamic book

We recommend these books as the most approachable and thorough for newcomers to biodynamics.

General introduction to biodynamic principles and practices:

Biodynamic Agriculture, by Willy Schilthuis

Cosmos, Earth and Nutrition: The Biodynamic Approach to Agriculture, by Richard Thornton Smith