What are your roles?

I hold various Spanish language roles, coordinating the organization's Spanish communications and Spanish language resources, and I organize the conference children's program. I also hold the scholarships, administrative assistant, and grassroots fundraising roles.

How long have you worked with the BDA, and what has that evolution looked like?

I began working part-time with the BDA in July 2018 and initially took on the children's program role and various administrative roles. I've lived in Mexico for the past two years, so over the course of my time with the BDA I've been able to use my Spanish to take on roles relating to expanding our Spanish language resources and offerings. In June, I started working full-time and was able to engage in many more aspects of the BDA, like fundraising, scholarships, and communications.

What gives you joy about working with the BDA and biodynamics?

I love working for the BDA because I deeply believe in the work that we do and feel very passionate about advocating for sustainable and regenerative biodynamic agriculture. I feel excited to work for an organization with such a diverse and far-reaching network and to be able to connect to farmers, scientists, and educators involved in biodynamic agriculture on a daily basis. I've been involved in agriculture in various ways throughout my entire life, eventually studying environmental and urban studies (focusing in food systems and agriculture) in college, and feel lucky to be part of a community that shares this passion.

What is one of your favorite things to do when not working?

When I'm not working, I love to take hikes into the mountains of Oaxaca. Oaxaca city is surrounded by big beautiful mountains, and it's pretty easy to to take a day hike and find a beautiful view of the valley. I appreciate being able to step away from the city for a bit and immerse myself in an environment very different from where I grew up in Maine, one that is constantly surprising and exciting me.

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