By Rebecca Briggs

As a member of the BDA staff team, the Biodynamic Conference is for me, in many ways, a realization of all the work we do all year, whether in planning the conference itself or on our many other projects. It's so meaningful to see a cross-section of the biodynamic community in reality, to reconnect with people I've met at conferences in years past, as well as to meet some of the folks who are there for the first time — to hear the stories and realities of the diverse people and communities represented there, to share in their hopes, questions, and challenges. But it is also a fast-paced flurry of conversations and tasks and trying to help with whatever comes up. As staff, it can be hard to grasp the conference as a whole. For that reason, it is tremendously valuable to hear from others about their experiences — to see the event through their eyes and to develop a fuller understanding and richer story of what transpired. 

I'd like to share few initial reflections we have already received, with the hope that we can share much more over time.

Honestly, it was a transformative experience, and ignited a fire of determination within me to follow my own heart's path, and engage fully in the task of transfoming agriculture and biodynamics for a new generation.

A week later and I am still thinking about so much of what transpired. I fear my friends and family are starting to get bored with my new insights about the world, and food, and made me feel proud to be a part of the association. Much has happened in the last three plus years since I joined, and to see where we are now gives me hope and courage for the future.

It was incredible to interact and share with other farmers around the country that shared similar values and perspectives on farming with spirit as well as body. Really infused new life into me and my work.

The images below by our conference photographer, Trav Williams of Broken Banjo Photography, provide yet another way to experience aspects you may have missed, to see things from a new perspective, or to remember what you were a part of. 

We'll continue to share further reflections from the conference on the blog, as well as audio interview interviews conducted by Matt Burns and updates on some of the topics discussed in the sessions. If you'd like to share your experiences, whether in words or images, we'd love to hear from you; please email with your ideas.

Navigate through the slideshow by using the arrows on the sides (visible when you hover over the image), using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or clicking on thumbnail images at the bottom. If viewing on a mobile device, select "view gallery" to browse the photos.

2018 Biodynamic Conference Slideshow

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