Celebrating Women in Biodynamics

In honor of Women's History Month, the Biodynamic Demeter Alliance honors the many amazing women in Biodynamic agriculture whose efforts have left a lasting positive legacy on us all. As we collectively cultivate a humanity that is more inclusive...

Measuring Ecosystem Services: Regional Wert Study

Measuring Ecosystem Services: Regional Wert Study Every year, Biodynamic farmers across the United States are working hard to build soil, cultivate wild spaces and biodiversity, care for the water and source their fertility on-site...

Help Create a Vibrant Conference — 2023 Call for Proposals

As the first Biodynamic Conference hosted by the newly formed Biodynamic Demeter Alliance, we are excited to showcase the interrelated cultural (education, training, and community), certification, and marketplace aspects that encompass Biodynamic agriculture in the US today.

Celebrating Biodiversity Through Biodynamics

Every Biodynamic farmer pays attention to biodiversity on their farm, not only nurturing the biodiversity above ground, but also the biodiversity that lives below ground – the microbes, worms, and vast network of life that builds soil and provides nutrients for plants.

Save the Dates for the 2023 Biodynamic Conference!

We’re very excited to announce that the next Biodynamic Conference will be held November 8-12, 2023 at the beautiful Westin hotel near Boulder, Colorado, and will serve to launch the US celebration of Biodynamic Agriculture’s 100th anniversary throughout 2024.

Investing in the Future of Agriculture

Farmers are hurting. At the Regenerative Food System Investment (RFSI) Forum in Denver this October, what became clear is that the pain is now moving up the food chain. What can biodynamics bring to the table?

Connecting the Dots — Building Biodynamic® Supply Chains

Supply chains — it’s been all over the news this last year. Prior to that, most people probably didn’t know what a supply chain meant. Now it’s become a part of everyday language. But how can consumers help support building better, regenerative supply chains? Purchasing Biodynamic® products is one key way.