Fascines as Ecojewels of the Landscape

By Louis Laframboise: Rather than burning saplings and pruned branches or sending them to the compost pile where they take forever to decompose, or to noisy and smelly chippers, or to the landfill, they can be used on location in a wide range of applications.

Sowing Seeds, Harvesting History

By Anna McAvoy-Emrick: The other day, despite (or because of?) the snow on the ground outside and the teen-degree temperatures, my dad and I sowed onion seeds to begin our 2019 shared garden.

With Kid-Gloves

By Paul Haygood A small, untended garden-space Is dug, turned, fed And planted... I in my old holey-blue sweater And green-net hat Feeling quite pagan and quite priestly, Gently setting tiny plants Into the Earth, Giving thanks For...

A Call to Garden!

By Sally Voris, White Rose Farm In 1924, Rudolf Steiner gave a series of eight lectures to farmers in what is now Poland who wanted to understand why the quality of their food was declining. Those lectures form the basis of...