Video Update: June 28, 2022

Posted on Jun 28, 2022

Executive Director Sheila Foster joins us this week from Filigreen Farm in the Anderson Valley in California, where she took part in BDANC's Summer Gathering.

Video Update from Our Executive Director: June 15, 2022

Posted on Jun 15, 2022

Sheila Foster joins us this week from New Mexico, where she will be visiting with Joseluis Ortiz y Muniz, a Biodynamic Demeter Alliance Board member and Community Liaison and Visiting Research Scientist and Greenroots Institute.

Video Update from Our Executive Director: June 6, 2022

Posted on Jun 6, 2022

We have so much happening here at the Alliance that we wanted to be able to you up to date and share all we're doing, so we thought regular updates might be helpful.

Biodynamic Demeter Alliance Welcomes New Executive Director

Posted on Jun 2, 2022

As the world faces an ever-growing crisis—of climate, soil, water, even spirit—it has become increasingly clear that the Biodynamic movement plays a vital role in building solutions. Thanks to the efforts of many throughout the U.S. Biodynamic community over a number of years—and a collective desire to galvanize resources and strengthen the movement in order to “meet the moment”— the Biodynamic Demeter Alliance was born on January 1, 2022, unifying the Biodynamic Association and Demeter USA. The goal was to create an organization that could serve as a national network to offer leadership in the United States in helping to solve the multiple layers of crisis we find ourselves collectively facing. After an extensive and rigorous national search, we are pleased to announce Sheila Foster as the first Executive Director of the new Alliance.

Let's Start a Dandelion Festival!

Posted on Apr 21, 2022

By Sonomi Obinata

In the middle of the cold winter, we farmers get to sit and think thoughts, and imagine the wonderful things we will create when warmth returns with spring. It was January 2016 when I attended the Pfeiffer Center Midwinter Agricultural Intensive. We focused on the study of two biodynamic preparation plants: yarrow and dandelion. This study inspired me to start an event on (then) KK’s The Farm, which I called the Dandelion Festival. I wish everybody would host an event dedicated to the dandelion to celebrate the wonders of spring.

In our studies, longtime biodynamic practitioner and teacher, Harald Hoven, instructed us to stand next to the dandelion and to observe the plant, first looking at it out of focus then in focus. I asked inwardly, "May I know who you are?"

Introducing Biodynamic Hemp

Posted on Mar 12, 2022

By Isaac Daniel and Josh Gulliver

“Hello! We’re new around here and really excited to be a part of things, but you might need to show us around a little.” There’s really no better way for us to start. The two of us, Isaac and Josh, are both newcomers to biodynamics, new to Demeter certification, and we happen to be working with hemp, an area that is also somewhat new to biodynamics. We are new faces in a newer industry to biodynamics, and it is a beautiful place to be.

What Are Green Apples Good For?

Posted on Sep 23, 2021

What Are Green Apples Good For?

By Marney Blair

We're pleased to offer a ten-week online course with Marney on Biodynamic Animal Husbandry which begins in October. Sign up now to dive deeper !

Annie likes an appetizer. I have learned this about her. It is to be expected really. In many cultures, a little bitter or astringent nugget is served before the main course or alongside. Even tea works as an appetizer. These little tasty treats work to awaken the sensory. When the nerves are stimulated, juices in our digestive tract are released and begin a remarkable process of turning something material into something spiritually nutritious.

For Annie, sour apples and oats with molasses gets her going. Strange you may think. But not if you are a cow. The cow can stay within a “digestive mood” over many hours of the day. She is either ripping...