BDA Executive Director Thea Maria Carlson talks with Leah Penniman, Co-Executive Director of Soul Fire Farm in Grafton, NY, and author of Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm's Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land. Join Leah on November 23 at the 2019 Biodynamic Conference, "Cultivating Relationships: Earth, Cosmos, Community," for her keynote presentation on "Black Faith Matters: The Spirit Ecology of African Agrarianism," as well as a workshop on that topic.

"...I do practice West African traditional religion and the agrarian ways that go along with that. And I'm excited to share that with the community. We have specifics around the way that we treat soil and seed that relate to the spirit of those material manifestations that I think parallel some of the understandings of the biodynamic community."

"I think [the conference theme] is beautiful because I can't tell you how many times folks ask us at Soul Fire Farm, what's our five-year plan or our ten-year plan. And I pretty much always respond by saying, 'We're just going ot keep listening to the three beings to whom we're most accountable and that's our community, the Earth, and then the spiritual realm....'"

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