Friday, November 16, 2018 -
2:00pm to 3:00pm



Event Description

“As human beings, our task is to bring higher, spiritual realities into a relationship with the physical world. … And the heart organ is precisely what the higher I uses to make the sensory self its instrument so it can use it.” — Rudolf Steiner

One of the key concepts of biodynamics is the recognition that substance is more than a combination of atoms, molecules, and chemical processes. Gardeners and farmers constantly work with substance and the physical reality. As the consciousness carriers of the farm organism, it is our role to promote the process of lifting matter into a higher state of being. How we perceive the natural world has a profound impact on our ability to do so and, as a result, on the health of our farms and on the quality of the food we grow. Though often dismissed as one-sided and incomplete, advanced scientific theories like quantum physics and relativity theory can give us a valuable glimpse into the workings of the “higher, spiritual realities” within the physical world. In this workshop, we will work with fundamental concepts of quantum physics and the theory of relativity (no prior knowledge of physics or mathematics is needed), alchemy, and anthroposophy. We will explore phenomena and topics such as:

* The interconnectedness of consciousness and the natural world

* The connection between time (life), energy, and matter

* The hidden role of water in biological processes

The goal of this workshop is to work toward developing a new perception of the higher dimensions of reality — life and consciousness.