Ferindand Vondruska was born and raised in Switzerland and attended a Waldorf school during the 1950s. He has worked biodynamically since the early '50s and applied preparations in the "old and proper way," as taught at the Goetheanum. Ferdinand immigrated to Canada in 1968 and became aware of the huge differences in preparation making and application. He gave lectures on biodynamic preparation making in the '70s and taught farm courses at Evergreen College in Washington State. He ran his own farm in British Columbia, working with Dr Herbert H. Koepf and joining him at Emerson College for a biodynamic course. At this point, biodynamics had become very important in Ferdinand’s life, and he got involved in it worldwide, giving lectures in Finland, Mexico, the United States, and throughout British Columbia. And now, at 75, reflecting on what has been learned and achieved, Ferdinand is prepared to share what he has practically gained in biodynamic insights — especially the human factor; that’s where we all come to grief. Ferdinand is open to tell how he sees biodynamics further unfolding!