Marie has been a teacher, organic/biodynamic gardener, and farmer for 47 years, with an equally long career in natural healing, doing therapeutic massage, kinesiology health scans, iridology readings, nutritional counseling, and colon hydrotherapy. Her 16.5-acre farm, Spirit of the Earth Farm (Uhane Aina), is in its 20th year of producing food for local farmers’ markets, CSA members, restaurants, and stores. Marie conducted a one-year field research project funded through USDA that showed greatest reduction in DDT levels contained in soil and produce as a result of biodynamic applications. She is passionate about agricultural research and is currently learning to make and interpret chromatogram and sensitive crystallization images. The farm offers three study groups a week in biodynamic and anthroposophical topics as well as an on-farm apprentice program for career farmers. Marie is also a lei maker and loves to sing.