Stacey Denton commercially grows cut flowers and flower seed while raising fruits, vegetables, and herbs for home use with her grade-school daughter on their small homestead in Williams, Oregon. She stewards and oversees the flower seed aspect of Siskiyou Seeds — an organic family-farm-based seed company in Southwest Oregon. She is fascinated by the exquisite beauty and vibrant color of the natural world, and her work and hobbies reflect this admiration through her interests in floral design, spinning and dyeing natural fibers, and hiking in the wilderness.

Stacey helped found, teach at, and administrate Woodland Charter School in the Applegate Valley. Being a Waldorf-methods school, Woodland holds truth, beauty, and goodness as it central principles, and these tenants guide and inspire Stacey through her life as well. She translates these principles into action through compassionate communication, facilitating group process, artistic activity (dancing, drawing, singing, cooking), and community service. Stacey also co-founded White Oak Farm and Education Center in Williams, a non-profit farm dedicated to teaching about organic agriculture and sustainable living skills. She has over a decade of experience in non-profit management and organizational design.