In 2012, as never before, the earth as a living being is calling out to us for recognition, for healing, for sacred and sustainable ways of tending her soil, plants, animals and landscapes.

In an age when we are so disconnected from the land, from rich agrarian traditions, and from the people who grow our food, farming must accomplish so much more than food production. Our farms and gardens must become reservoirs of culture, works of entrepreneurial art, centers for learning, healing and renewal.

How do we restore the life forces in our food, on our farms and in our communities?

How do we revision the economics of agriculture?

How do we create farms, gardens and communities that can serve as vehicles of social, ecological and spiritual transformation?

Biodynamics is a potent source of practical wisdom for the renewal of agriculture that can inspire our quest to answer these questions. It reveals to us the alchemical marriage of earth and cosmos within the realms of soil, plants and animals and awakens us to our true humanity, our higher calling as stewards and healers of the earth.

I invite you to join us as we come together to kindle the flames of this higher calling, to share our questions and knowledge, our skills and aspirations, as individuals and as a community seeking a sacred relationship with the earth. 

I look forward to seeing you in November!


Robert Karp

Executive Director