Sunday, November 18, 2018



Event Description

Adriano Zago will share his experiences about the results that the biodynamic preparations can give to soil, plants, and human beings when they are properly used. As an agronomist, enologist, consultant, and professor of biodinamic agricolture, he considers himself lucky to visit and works with hundreds of companies, in several countries in the world. He has noticed that there is one common denominator to all the companies that correctly apply the biondinamic method — and that is change. Soil, products, people…everything changes because eveything is part of an invisible, yet tangible, evolution. The deepest core of this all is that these preparations become a professional tool, but not just like any other. They are essential, indisputable, and indispensable for him and for his professional mission. As he works with many farmers, he has seen how, all together, on a daily basis, they experience this change, this evolutionary power, this tangible practice that comes from biodynamic preparations and what we ultimately eat. In his perpetual traveling, he has found great masters, like Peter Proctor, Alex Podolinski, and Pierre Masson. The latter, especially, has taught him how biodynamic preparations are a gift that comes from afar, yet bring, still and always, concrete changes. In this workshop, we will see many images from different farms around the world, which will allow us to see the effect of biodynamic preparations in vines, vegetables, fruits, and wines.