Friday, November 16, 2018



Event Description

FaithLands Gathering, organized by the Greenhorns, brought together faith-based organizations from around the country under a shared vision of connecting religious traditions, agriculture, and ecological stewardship, inspiring a spiritual and ethical revolution in our relationship to each other and the land. Faith communities with farmland assets, connection to agriculture, and engagement in the food system are uniquely positioned to reengage with a deeper relationship to the communities they serve and to the greater communities within which they are located. The Faithlands Gathering catalyzed intentions and vision and is developing plans, strategies, and actions to address how farmland is owned, stewarded, and transitioned into regenerative diversified agriculture and who has tenure to the farmland. In alignment with this work, Agrarian Trust and Sustainable Economies Law Center are developing new legal models and structures to innovate how farmland is owned and how communities are stakeholders in the ownership. This builds off of and expands a community-supported farmland tenure model developed and carried out with the Temple Wilton Community Farm (featured in Spring/Summer 2016 Biodynamics journal).


Workshop Session C