Saturday, November 17, 2018



Event Description

Are we called to move beyond our current understanding of the biodynamic paradigm? Almost 100 years after the Agricultural Lectures, many of us are asking whether we should approach biodynamics differently. Should the practices themselves change? If so, how? If the practices change, how can we be sure they are still faithful to Steiner's vision? What is the essence of the biodynamic paradigm anyway? Does Steiner’s vision even matter, or are we called to act in new ways? There are many indications that humankind is on the doorstep of a profound shift in consciousness. If so, what are the implications for biodynamic practice? How should we engage with this transformation? Can we use our own consciousness, so different from that of the reductionist scientific mind, in new ways to further the coming transformation to a healthier future? This presentation will review some of the indicators of this shift in consciousness, discuss their implications for our work, and suggest avenues of growth and expansion for our practices, while stimulating discussion and thought in our community about how we interact with the radically changing world around us.



Workshop Session D