Event Description

The ethical costs and injustices of industrialized agriculture are intolerable, and to correct this we are called to make sacred again our concepts of nature and our connection to Earth. As farmers and gardeners, we have our hands literally in the hair of The Mother as part of our work in this world. We are daily aware of and responding to the rhythms of the earth. As Earthworkers our pain and grief is pronounced right now. Of course, we are going to be among the first who experience and are troubled by the environmental dysfunctions of our age. Our grief and sadness is bound up with the ecological destructions of The Anthropocene. The purpose of this workshop is to find the set of skills that will enable us to hold joy while moving through grief and stress. Our social systems do not really teach or reward spiritual courage. This workshop will help us find the balance we seek; the very special joy that comes when we embrace the courage that it takes to move through our grief.



Workshop Session A