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Ms Binita of Dehradun/ Nainital, Uttarakhand India, is an Organic/Biodynamic Farmer, Social –Entrepreneur & Agriculture Development Professional. Early in life Ms Binita realized the significance of natural environment and made Biodynamic Agriculture ( specialized kind of Organic Agriculture ), a life mission. She came to live in remote ancestral Orchard in village Supi, Nainital in her late twenties to and set up SARG India and SUPA Biotech P Ltd, organizations dedicated for the promotion of organic agriculture. She has been the Prime Mover for the Organic Agriculture Policy for Government of Uttarakhand in 2002 and headed the Organic Commodity Board (2003 - 2015). Today SARG Vikas Samiti is a national player in Organic/Biodynamic Agriculture Development and has the credit of making 1.20 million composts among farmers of four states.

Among her prestigious work, Ms Binita sits on the boards of the following organizations:

  • PDKV Jaivik Kheti Mission, State Government of Maharashtra
  • The Nainital Bank