Friday, November 16, 2018



Event Description

Cannabis has a long history of human use, with cultivation likely starting in Asia around 500 BC. Most ancient cultures did not grow the plant for its psychotropic effect, but rather as herbal medicine or for spiritual practice. In current times, cannabis is recognized as a potent medicinal and fiber plant, and, for this reason, how it is grown is of great importance to its quality.

Biodynamic is an approach to production focused on quality. Growing cannabis using the biodynamic method is a unique adventure, because the agronomic focus is the same as for any Biodynamic crop, essentially focused on the development of a vital whole farm organism. This workshop will outline the regenerative agronomic principles necessary to produce Biodynamic cannabis (biodiversity, regenerative fertility, regenerative pest control, re-integrating livestock, and water and waterway conservation). In addition this workshop will take a deep dive into the biodynamic preparations and the wider connections that are honored in biodynamic farming and how this can be applied to cannabis production. Biodynamic preparations, along with application of the principles underlying their use, are an artist's palette of colors to create landscapes that give rise to vibrant life as well as food, fiber, and raw materials of amazing quality and abundance. Having a clear grasp of the fundamental principles of biodynamic agriculture and the science behind them gives beginners and advanced practitioners alike confidence they have chosen the right path by pursuing biodynamics.